Four Important Steps A Tractor Towing Service Follows When Towing Over Uneven Terrain

Posted on: 13 September 2023


Tractor towing services often have to tow a tractor over rough and uneven terrain. This can be a difficult and hazardous task, given that tractors are hefty, unwieldy, and unstable vehicles that can get stuck, topple over, or slide during the towing process. To ensure safety and success, there are various measures and preventative steps a towing service will take when towing a tractor over rough terrain.

1. Assessing the Terrain Before Towing

Before the towing service hooks up the tractor to the tow truck, they will inspect the terrain and identify any potential hazards, such as rocks, holes, ditches, slopes, mud, snow, ice, or debris. They will also check the weather conditions and avoid towing during rain, fog, or strong winds. If possible, choose the smoothest and flattest route to tow the tractor.

2. Using the Right Equipment and Attachments

The company will use a tow truck that is powerful enough to handle the weight and size of the tractor. They will also use appropriate attachments, such as chains, straps, hooks, or cables, that are strong and secure enough to hold the tractor in place.

They will avoid hitching high for extra traction, as this can cause the tractor to flip over. They will also make sure that the tractor's wheels are free and not frozen or stuck in the ground.

3. Driving Slowly and Carefully

When towing a tractor over uneven and harsh terrain, the driver will drive slowly and carefully to avoid sudden movements or jerks that can cause the tractor to lose balance or detach from the tow truck.

They will also reduce their speed before turning or applying brakes, as this can cause the tractor to swing or skid. They will also reverse up steep slopes rather than driving forward, unless they have a trailing implement attached to the tractor.

4. Avoiding Overhead Hazards

When towing a tractor over uneven and harsh terrain, the driver will also be aware of any overhead hazards, such as power lines, tree branches, or bridges, that can interfere with the height of the tractor or the tow truck. They will also avoid driving under or near these hazards, as they can cause damage to the tow truck.

Towing a tractor is not an easy task and requires skill and experience. While you might want to attempt this task yourself, if you are not confident or comfortable with towing a tractor over difficult ground conditions, you should seek professional assistance from a qualified towing service.

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