Distinguishing Between Heavy-Duty And Light-Duty Towing Services

Posted on: 30 November 2022


Towing services are crucial for rescuing vehicle owners from different road situations. Whether your car has run out of fuel or broken down in the middle of the highway, you can rely on tow truck services for assistance. However, one of the challenges many people face is differentiating between heavy-duty and light-duty towing services. Here are some of the differences between the two towing services.

Use Cases

Light-duty towing applies to standard towing services. It is suitable for exotic cars, dealerships, and motorcycles. Light-duty towing also involves towing small cars or illegally parked vehicles. These services also include roadside assistance. The tow trucks used for light-duty towing are smaller and lighter than heavy-duty trucks. They are also more efficient for driving.

Tow trucks involved in heavy-duty towing are larger than trucks used for light-duty towing. These trucks haul massive loads and large cargo that require a lot of torque and horsepower to move safely. This towing covers trailers, bob trails, tractors, buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, cranes, and motorhomes.

Load Weight

Light-duty trucks can only tow between 7,000 and 11,000 lbs. They are also meant to travel short distances. On the other hand, heavy-duty tow trucks carry loads weighing over 17,000 lbs. The trucks come with a 25-ton boom lift and 6-ton wheel lift for recovery jobs involving heavy vehicles like dump trucks, tractors, garbage trucks, and semi-trailers. Heavy-duty tow trucks also travel long distances.

Choosing Between Heavy- and Light-Duty Tow Trucks

When choosing between heavy and light-duty tow trucks, there are several considerations you need to bear in mind. First, if you need to tow your vehicle on roads alone, you should hire light-duty tow trucks. However, heavy-duty tow trucks will suffice if your car needs to be towed off-road.

Another consideration when choosing tow trucks is storage. Heavy-duty trucks are suited for a lot of storage. Therefore, you can only use light-duty trucks for a minimum load. Additionally, if you want to pay less for fuel consumption, you should opt for light-duty vehicles. Also, both trucks are made of different materials. This means heavy-duty trucks are stronger and more rigid, making them suitable for harsh work.

In Closing

When choosing a tow truck service, you should focus on more than just the price of their services. You need to consider your current situation and whether you are better off with light duty or heavy-duty tow truck. Moreover, you should compare the benefits of different tow truck companies to determine the right one. Call a towing company, such as Jensen Towing, to learn more.