Three Car Noises Coming From Under Your Hood That You Should Never Ignore

Posted on: 31 January 2022


As a general rule of thumb, you should always be concerned if your car is making noises you have never heard before. However, some noises can signal major problems or alert you to the fact that a problem that could leave you stranded on the side of the road is imminent. Here are three car noises that can originate from under the hood while you are driving that you should never ignore and the problems that may be related to these noises. 

A Hissing Sound

The most common reason why you may hear hissing coming from around the engine area of your car is a leak. There are many tubes and hoses that make up the cooling and vacuum system that run into and out of the engine. If one of these parts has a leak, the air exiting the tube when your car is running can sound like a hissing sound. Alternatively, hissing can be caused by oil or coolant that is leaking onto a hot engine. All of these problems may cause your car to overheat and/or affect the driveability of your car. 

A Banging or Knocking Sound

Another sound that you should never ignore is a banging or knocking sound coming from your engine. This banging or knocking sound can be heard while driving your car and typically has a rhythm to it. If you hear banging or knocking,  your rod bearings, valves, pistons, or connecting rods may be going bad. If you hear knocking, you do not want to drive your car. You can cause significant damage to the engine and should opt to have it towed to an auto repair shop.

A Shrieking or Squealing Noise

The final sound that you should not ignore when it is coming from under your hood while driving is a shrieking or squealing sound. This sound typically means that one of the many belts under your hood is loose or about to break. This may include the fan belt or the timing belt. While you can drive if the belt is loose, your car may stop operating when the belt finally breaks. As such, this sound should not be ignored. 

If you are driving along and you hear a hissing sound, a banging or knocking sound, or a squealing or shrieking sound, that sounds like it is coming from underneath your hood, you may be dealing with a problem that will likely only worsen. If you hear one of these sounds, you should attempt to get your car to an automotive repair shop quickly. If you are more than a few miles from a repair shop, you should consider having your car towed to the repair shop to help prevent further damage to your vehicle. 

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