Common Reasons That an Auto Salvage Yard Will Buy Your Junked Vehicle

Posted on: 31 August 2021


Businesses that sell used car parts and scrap metal typically always need to replenish their inventory. To make sure they have enough on hand to sell to customers, they look to private vehicle owners to sell them cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that are junked or can no longer be driven.

When you find yourself with a vehicle in this kind of condition, you may be able to sell it relatively quickly and get a fair price for it by liquidating it to one of these types of businesses. The auto salvage yard will buy your vehicle and then use it for several important reasons that benefit it and its clientele.

1. Stripping for Parts

One of the most common purposes that an auto salvage yard will use your junked car involves stripping it for parts. Even if your car cannot be driven anymore, it still may have dozens of useful parts on it that can still be taken off and sold individually. The auto salvage yard workers will take it apart and harvest parts ranging from the alternator to spark plugs from it.

Once the auto salvage strips the car of its parts, it will make them available to people who want to buy parts for their cars without paying prices that new car parts command. They can go to the auto salvage yard and buy parts from your car for a lower price.

2. Selling for Scrap Metal

The auto salvage yard may also sell your car for scrap metal. It will pay you the day's going rate for scrap metal when you sell your vehicle to the auto salvage yard. This business may then, in turn, crush and sell your junked car to another scrap metal dealer that will repurpose the metal from which it is made. 

This transaction allows both you and the owner of the auto salvage yard to get money out of a vehicle that is essentially useless and can be no longer driven. It also allows your car to be crushed and its metal recycled into other products, such as tools or building materials.

An auto salvage yard can use your junked car in several different ways. The company may first strip the car of all of the parts that customers can buy and reuse in their own vehicles. It may also crush and sell your vehicle to another local scrap metal dealer.