3 Ways To Keep Unauthorized People From Using Your Parking Lot

Posted on: 28 September 2019


If you are a business owner with a small parking lot, you want to make sure that the only people parking in your lot as the people who doing business with you. If people who aren't doing business with you park in your lot, then your customers can't get to you and will go on to someone else instead. There are things that you can do that will help to keep people who aren't your customers from parking in your lot.


One thing that you can do is to make sure that you have all appropriate signage possible in your parking lot. You can put the signs at the entrances to your parking lot, as well as other places that are easily seen. The signs can say something like parking for Business X only, or that you will have violators towed at their own expense. You may also want to have business hours posted on your signs, if you want to let people park into your parking lot during off-hours. 

Lift Gate

Another option that you can try is to use a lift gate at the parking lot. When you do this, people using your parking lot generally have to pay for parking. However, people who are using your business can have their tickets validated so that they aren't going to have to pay to park with you. This can be a very efficient method, but it is also a more expensive method, especially at the outset. This might be a better option if your business is a professional one, like an attorney or accountant, or you need to worry about privacy for your clients. 

Tow Company

Having a tow truck company on contract can be a really good deterrent. A lot of people will think twice about parking in your lot just from the idea that they may end up being towed and then have to pay to get their car out. That can turn a quick trip into something really expensive. If you are going to work with a tow company, you may want to make sure that you work with one that is nearby, or one that is will to station a truck nearby during peak hours. You may have to pay an extra fee with the tow company, but a lot of the money they are going to get for their work is going to come from the people whose cars are towed when they pay towing and storage fees. 

You want to make sure that no one who isn't authorized to use your parking lot is using it. There are ways that you can make sure that happens.