Car Broken Down? Some Temporary Fixes You Can Do

Posted on: 3 March 2016


If your car is broken down on the roadside, depending on the problem you have, there are some temporary fixes you can try until you can get to a mechanic. If these do not work, then you would have to call a tow truck to come pick you up and take you there. Below are a few problems you may be having.

Broken Radiator Hose

If you see smoke pouring out from underneath your car's hood, you could likely have a broken radiator hose.  A radiator hose carries antifreeze or coolant between the radiator and engine. Over time, radiator hoses wear out, which will then prevent the coolant from reaching your engine and then cause overheating.

Open your hood and look at the radiator hose to see if it is leaking.  If so, you can use silicone repair tape over the hole for a temporary fix. Let your car completely cool down, and then wipe off the hose to remove any dust and/or dirt. Wrap the tape around the hose three or four times. This should get you to a mechanic. If your radiator hose continues leaking, or you do not have any silicone repair tape with you, do not drive your car. Instead, call a tow truck to come pick you up. For the future, purchase some of this repair tape and keep it in your trunk.

Hole in the Gas Tank

Any car can have a leak in the gas tank. This can be caused by debris propelling into the tank while you are driving at high speeds. If the debris is sharp or hard enough, such as nails or small rocks, it can puncture the tank. You can easily know that you have this problem by the smell of gas. Pull your car over and turn it off as soon as you notice the smell. A temporary fix is to insert a screw and washer into the hole. Make sure the screw fits securely in the hole. It is important that you use a washer, as it will secure the screw and offer more sealant.

If you have to call a tow truck company like Airport  Chevron Service  to pick you up, explain to them the problem you are having. In some cases, they can repair your car on the spot, depending on the problem you are having. If not, they can easily tow your car to a mechanic to have it repaired.