Tips For Improving Your Car's Fuel Economy

Posted on: 10 November 2015


Does your car feel like it is driving different than it normally does? If so, not only is the performance of your car being compromised, but you are likely reducing the fuel economy that your car receives. Compromising your vehicle's miles per gallon can cost you more than you think, especially on an annual basis, as you will be paying for more gas over the year. To ensure you are maximizing your vehicle's performance and fuel economy, you will want to be sure that you do the following:

Engine Maintenance and Upgrades:

Engine services are not only a great way to add horsepower and performance back into your vehicle, but it can also boost the fuel efficiency of your car. With modifications like a new intake filter, oxygen sensor, and carburetor, you can enhance the horsepower that your car has and increase how many miles per gallon you receive. These upgrades are a great way to add life back into your car.

Tire Inspections:

Inflated tires can create resistance when your car is accelerating, which can force your car to consume more fuel to compensate. During long commutes, this can really impact your vehicle's miles per gallon and this is why it is critical that you have your tires air pressure inspected. This will allow a mechanic to properly fill your tires with the correct amount of air pressure based on the requirements from the tire manufacturer, so you can eliminate any resistance that your car has during its commute.

Electrical Tune-ups:

Not only can you be hurting your vehicle's fuel economy while driving but turning your car on can also impact your fuel efficiency. If your car stutters when starting then your engine is consuming more fuel to make up for this stutter, which can reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. This can easily be overlooked, so if your car fails to start up immediately, be sure to have your electrical system inspected, as new components may be needed to resolve this issue. Not only will this improve your fuel efficiency but it can also prevent further electrical issues from occurring, which can save you money down the road.

Having these car repairs and improvements done will not only help your car perform with better fuel economy but it can help prevent further car complications from occurring, which can save you from the hassle and struggle of dealing with costly and major car damages.

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