Little Known Towing Services Every Car Owner Should Know About

Posted on: 25 June 2015


Though most people know they can call their local towing service company whenever their car breaks down, many don't know the numerous unique towing and roadside assistance services those companies also offer. Here are a few little known towing services that you may benefit from.

Long Distance Towing

If you need to tow a car or truck long distances, generally journeys over 100 miles, then you can hire a long distance towing company. This is a great service for people who are moving to a new state and have multiple vehicles, as well as for individuals who are purchasing a car located in one state that must be shipped to another.

Because the tow company must tow the vehicle hundreds of miles away, you may have to pay a hefty fee to cover the hook-up fee, gas, and man power. The typical cost of 100-mile tow is around $275 to $600, but a longer tow may cost upwards of $1,000.

Heavy Duty and Boat Towing

Sometimes people may need larger or irregular vehicles towed. There are specialized towing services for different heavy duty automobiles such as semi-trucks, tractors, and other industrial big rigs. Though these towing services may be used to transport large vehicles, they are also often used during accidents and emergencies. For instance, if a large tractor gets stuck in a ditch, a heavy duty towing company would need to be called because the average tow truck could not uphold the weight.

There are also special towing services for transporting boats and other non-wheeled modes of transportation. Towing heavy duty or irregular vehicles will cost more than typical towing services, regardless of the length of the tow. Rates for heavy duty towing will typically be 20% to 25% higher than the average tow.

Roadside Deliveries

If you are a member of a towing service, then chances are you benefit from some roadside assistance perks. One of the more helpful perks is the roadside deliveries, which can help a stranded car in need of fuel or coolant. These services are usually included in the annual membership fee of $36 to $100, but some companies offer additional help—like bicycle assistance or repair reimbursement—for an additional annual fee. Paying for these annual memberships can save you money in the event of a breakdown, but they can also help with your peace of mind knowing you will never be stranded with your vehicle.

If you are looking to benefit from any of these towing services, contact companies in your area like Jenwar Towing & Recovery to learn about their unique customer benefits.