How To Deal With Squealing Brakes

Posted on: 29 April 2015


When you start hearing your brakes squeal, it is probably a mild annoyance. However, these noises should not be taken lightly. Having brakes that make a squealing sound put your vehicle at risk of more serious damage if you don't get them repaired. Here is information about what you should do if your truck's brakes start squealing.

Know How Old the Brakes Are

One of the possible reason for your truck's brakes to squeal is if they are old. Brakes don't last forever, so if you still have the same brakes that were on your car over a decade ago, it is probably time to replace them. By knowing how old they are, you can determine whether or not it is time to replace them. This is actually an easy fix, because it is often just the brake pads that need to be replaced. The brake pads can get worn from age, but your brake discs, also called brake rotors, might still be in good condition. Brake pads are easier and cheaper to replace, which is why you should get into a truck repair shop as soon as possible.

Feel for Vibrations

The next thing you should do is try to feel for vibrations. If you notice when the squealing of the brakes occurs, your vehicle is also vibrating, then it is probably those vibrations that are causing them to squeal. The vibrations are often caused by your brake pads vibrating and causing the noise. This is another sign that you need to bring your truck in to have the brake pads inspected. If your brake pads get worn down, there is direct contact with your brake rotors. Once this happens, the rotors can get damaged permanently, which is a much more expensive repair.

Listen for Other Noises

The two scenarios above only occur if your brakes are squealing and you don't notice any other noises. However, there are many other noises you might notice with your brakes that can signal another type of brake problem. For example, it might seem like the brakes are speaking in tongues, that they are grinding, or there are vibrations with the grinding sounds. These noises also signal something is wrong with your brakes, so you should still have them looked at.

The most important thing to remember is that squealing is a sign that something is wrong. The longer you wait for repairs, the worse the brakes will get, and the more damage will be done. Get into an auto repair shop now rather than waiting.