Emergency Towing: Follow These 3 Safety Guidelines When Your Vehicle Breaks Down On The Side Of The Road

Posted on: 2 November 2020


The worst thing about vehicle breakdown is that it happens when you least expect it and in the worst parts of the highway. It can be hard to make the right decisions when you are stranded out there on the road, especially if it is at night or the weather is bad. However, one of the best things you can do for such occurrences is keeping the contacts of a competent vehicle towing service. What you do after calling the towing service and before they arrive can also go a long way to determine how your towing experience will look like.

Here are three towing safety guidelines that will be of great help.

Have You Parked Your Vehicle to the Far Left?

It is easy to assume that everyone understands your predicament when you are in the middle of an emergency. However, this does not work on the road, especially the highway. When you leave the vehicle in the middle of the road, unattended, you might create a massive multiple car accident because no motorist expects there to be a stationary vehicle in the middle of the road.

Try and move the vehicle as far as possible to avoid obstructing the oncoming traffic. In case you cannot move the vehicle at all, turn on the hazard lights and put a signal a safe distance away from the car so that oncoming traffic can slow down on time.

Have You Exited the Vehicle?

Once you have moved the vehicle to the side of the road, check whether there is oncoming traffic. If the road is clear, you can exit the vehicle. Avoid standing in the middle of the road to try and get help. If you do so, you will expose yourself to the risk of being hit by moving vehicles.

Stay aware of your surroundings the entire time as you wait for the towing experts to arrive. Remember that most highway thieves take advantage of circumstances such as vehicle break-downs.

Have You Called the Towing Service?

When you are assured that you and the vehicle are safe, you can call an emergency towing service. Here, you simply find the towing service with good reviews, operating within your radius. Within no time, they will arrive and rescue you from your predicament.

The most important thing is always to have the contacts of a competent vehicle towing service. They will rescue you from any predicament that you might find yourself in, regardless of the time of day.